Going to Art Galleries

Going to art galleries and art museums was a big part of my life growing up. My parents were big believers in the value of culture. For them, of course, education was important, but even more important was learning to appreciate beautiful art. have to admit that, whatever I may have thought of my parents early attempts to make me a lover of the arts, they definitely worked. By the time I was 13 years old, I loved going to artists galleries of all types. Whether we were taking a trip to New York to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or sticking around Detroit to go to an opening in a small local gallery, I was always excited to see it. My parents have pretty eclectic tastes. They don’t like everything, but they like things from all directions. They like modern art, classical Art, outsider Art, and even medieval paintings. I grew up with the same eclectic tastes.

My parents were quite happy when I decided to spend my life as an artist. Well – not quite. They had some concerns, and reasonable ones at that. You see, making a living as an artist is no easy task. Just getting art gallery shows can be difficult, and actually selling off pieces of arts can be near to impossible. For every successful painter, sculptor, or photographer, there are probably dozens of gallery artists who are struggling to make ends meet. You have to be able to schmooze art gallery owners, make the right connections with art patrons, and generally make an impression on the world of fine art.

Fortunately, the World Wide Web has really leveled the painting field. Nowadays, many of the works that are bought and sold are marketed on virtual art galleries. A lot of people are quick to discount them as a medium for selling art. They correctly point out that such things as stroke texture, luster, and even some of the subtleties of shading can’t be communicated over computer screens. They are right, but this is hardly the point. The point is that an online art gallery allows people all over the world to look at your art. Even if these virtual art galleries can not completely reproduce every nuance of your works, they certainly provide enough to give people a taste. I have some pretty good connections, but I still would say that I have sold the majority of my work through online art galleries. It is far and away the most lucrative way to go about it.