Ob??ansk? sdru??en? blastart vzniklo v roce 2004 jako neziskov?? organizace se statutem pr??vnick? osoby. Jeho c?lem je vytvo?it funguj?c? mezin??rodn? platformu s c?lem popularizovat jednotliv? a spole??n? um?leck? projekty, podporovat nez??vislou ??innost kritik?? a kur??tor?? a poskytovat prostor pro komunikaci s odbornou i z??jmovou ve?ejnost?.

Na realizaci t?chto str??nek se pod?leli:   Kate?ina Fojt?kov??, Mark?ta Hanzalov??, Ale?? Kr??tk??, Radim Radim & Hana Ondr????kov??

170 00 PRAHA 7

+420 737 453 718


The gallery has a curatorial supervision and follows monthly update schedule. The program is created in collaboration with selected artists and curators. Every online project is followed by articles related to the topic and discussion both professional and public. Our aim is to provide a space for development and presentation of work by Czech, Slovak and international artists bringing it to the interfnational audience creating a wider context for local artists. Important part of the project is also the archive for easy accessibility to the past works and exhibition.

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