?tefkov?? Zuzana, 1.2.2006

Body of Artist in Role of Artist

The feminist critique of the history of art traditionally notices, especially after the beginning of the industrial revolution, the use of female body and its co-modification in art. Numerous female authors also paid attention to a strategic use of their own bodies by feminist artists. Nevertheless, male body has remained at the border of the feminist art-historical research in the field of corporeality till recently. In my text, I mention works of art (either performances, videos, or classical artefact), in which their authors presents themselves in a role of an artist. I support the possibilities of crossing the traditional modernist image of an artist as a sovereign and fully autonomous author using particular examples (Kamera Skura, Ond?ej Brody, David ??ern??, Robert Sender).

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Body of Artist in Role of Artist

Zobrazit ??l??nek 1.2.2006, ?tefkov?? Zuzana

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