Pt????ek Ji??, 30.1.2006


Last year, two young Dutchmen, Teike Tessel Asselbergs
and Elias Tieleman, visited Prague. As artists, they used the name Orgacom1 and they came to Prague to find inspiration for their exhibition in Display gallery in Prague. They were tracing how Czech cultural institutions work and communicate, and wanted to propose short-time fusions, which would make their activities more effective.

In the end they abandoned their original intention and prepared eight projects for possible changes of Display gallery itself.

During the time between an intention and its realization, there might happen things, which radically change situations.

Sometimes the lag might devalue a good idea. So while Orgacom was thinking about fusions and strategies for a few months, Display was actually fusing with the tranzit.cz activities. The only thing that can be added about the exhibition in November is that it ???locked the stable door after the horse has bolted???.

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Zobrazit ??l??nek 30.1.2006, Pt????ek Ji??

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