A Career in Art

Taking up a career in art today, doesn’t necessarily mean starving to death in a garret somewhere! Things have changed and the prospects for people wanting art related jobs are good. As with any other field of employment, qualifications are essential for success, coupled with raw talent. The arts are as popular as ever and there are plenty of opportunities, both in traditional forms and in technology driven jobs.

The fine artist, whether a painter or sculptor, may not become a household name overnight but the Internet provides a global market and work can be placed for all to see. There are also an abundance of galleries and dealers, looking for new talent. Many people give commissions, particularly for portraits of family members and their pets. Large companies like to have corporate art, hanging on their walls.

Teaching is a very satisfying career for many people and can involve art related jobs, from teaching elementary level to lecturing at the finest universities on art subjects. Art galleries and museums are in need of curators and exhibition staff. An Art History degree or education in fine art and visual art is required. Galleries also require marketing staff, as do arts charities. Charities also have fundraising staff. Arts administration cuts across many different kinds of activity and an art qualification will be valued, along with communication skills, in these kinds of art related jobs.

Another satisfying career is that of the art therapist. The therapist works with people with physical disabilities or with people with emotional or social problems. Art, as a means of expression, is a useful tool in helping such people. A qualification in Occupational Therapy or Community Arts will assist entry into this career. One of the more unusual art related jobs is to work in an art fraud division of the police. It is their job to find lost paintings and bring art thieves and forgers to justice. Police forces use the services of sketch artists to sketch out drawings to identify suspects and courts require artists to do quick drawings of defendants and witnesses in the courtroom.

Publishing is another area for artists to get in to. Art related jobs include working as an illustrator for books or magazines. The children’s book market is in particular need of illustrations. Greeting cards and calendars are another outlet. The visual arts in the film and television industries is another example of art related jobs, with a demand for multi media artists and animators.